Sunday, May 21

Internet skills lacking

I really would like to diagnose what’s wrong with the Grinder’s pet rabbit. Mrs G came home Friday to find the rabbit unable to lift its head and dragging its hind legs. There was a little blood on his coat but not a lot.

The only other possible factors are a dent in his caging from the inside (same height as a rabbit running in to it) and word that there’s a fox in the neighbourhood.

After two days, the rabbit aint much better. He eats and drinks from a cup – no longer able to reach up to drink from his bottle. He struggles to keep his head up for more than a few seconds. Sometime he can get the back feet working enough to crawl a metre or two. After a short while he stops and stoops. The ears stay up and the eyes are wide open in a spooky kind of way.

I suspect he’s seen the fox, taken a bolt for his hutch and missed, resulting in some sort of neck or spinal injury. But do you think I can find any sort of clue on the net?

If he survives another few days but doesn’t improve it might be time to Google ‘pet euthanasia’.