Wednesday, May 24

I want to go again.

On a lighter note, today I experienced a real treat. In a bid to escape the office for the day I was taking part in a multi-agency operation in metro Adelaide. When things were a bit quiet I was asked if I’d like to come for a spin in a highway patrol car.

Accelerating and speeding through the streets was invigorating. From inside the car the purr of eight cylinders winding up was music to the ears. It was like taking a trip back to the days of being a teenager and going for a fang in a mate’s over-powered car.

But the real euphoria came form knowing I wasn’t going to lose my licence, nor anyone else thanks to the blue and red lights whirring above. In fact there wasn’t anyone to fear. It was like removing the shackles of nearly two decades of maturity and conditioning – and not a drop of alcohol was required.