Sunday, May 21

Evil potato chips

As with the pathway to hell, tonight’s recipe was born of good intentions. The idea was to add a little flavour to some of the plainest oven-baked fries ever.

2 cups of ‘guilt-free’ or ‘healthy choice’ frozen chips.
50 grams of real butter
1/2 cup of olive oil
Paper towel

This is a totally healthy recipe. It has to be. With only 50 grams of healthy natural butter, healthy olive oil (they're a fruit?) and cholesterol-free chips!

1.Warm the oil in a frypan and melt the butter using a medium-high setting on the stovetop.
2. As the butter begins to change colour add the frozen chips and let the shallow frying begin.
3. Brown the chips on one side and turn. Switch off the stove once all chips have been turned.
4. Heat up the oven to a moderate heat ~ 200c.
5. Line an oven tray with paper towel and place chips one layer deep.
6. Allow them to cool and coat with salt (try not to eat more than half of them)
7. Now put them in the oven to “bake away the oil” for as long as it takes.

I think the trick was only part frying them and also cooling them before baking. Somehow the potato turns into little sponge fingers of buttery oil. Hmmm mmm.
Nothing healthy about these chips at all.