Monday, April 24

Its not OK, okay!

Its not OK, okay!

Today we are as time critical as ever – seeking any shortcut or abbreviation to get us wherever we’re going quicker. Certainly SMS or texting demostrates this latest trend. Why type ‘great’ when you can depress the ‘8’ key four times to spell ‘gr8’ and alleviate the err… cumbersome four button presses to complete the ‘eat’?

Look at the savings:

Gr = 1 press of ‘4’ key + 3 presses ‘7’ key
8 = 4 presses of ‘8’ key
eat = 2 presses of ‘3’ key + 1 press of ‘2’ key + 1 press of ‘8’ key.

Gr8 = 8 key strokes
Great = 8 key strokes


Actually, what people do with their phones is their business. My pet hate is with the mindless shortening of the word ‘okay’. The abbreviation requires the use of the shift key plus optional punctuation with full stops – where’s the efficiency in that?

Its also ugly when in printed form. A sentence can roll along nicely and excluding a few meaningful abbreviations usually contains the one capital at the beginning. Why must ‘okay’ be shortened to ‘OK’?

Maybe ‘OK’ could be justified in hand-written notes, but in typed text? I don’t know why it bugs me so much, more so in respected publications. It doesn’t seem proper - its lower than spelling ‘gaol’ as ‘jail’.

Am I alone on this?