Friday, February 17

Get out your diaries and clear Friday 10 March

Here’s an absolute gem from the deluge of internal spam and propaganda that blows out government inboxes in these parts…

Where We've Been, Where We Are and Where We're Going
A Forum for Aboriginal Women in the South Australian Public Sector

The Office of Public Employment celebrates and acknowledges the important role Aboriginal women make, not only to their families and communities, but also to the South Australian Public Sector. This forum provides an opportunity for Aboriginal Public Sector women to take time out to reflect on their achievements, look ahead to the future and enjoy themselves in the now.

The forum will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 10 March 2006 to coincide with International Women's Day Week.

Registration closes Friday 3rd March, 2006.
I ask that Agencies support and encourage all Aboriginal women in the public sector to attend.

Commissioner Public Employment
Office of Public Employment
Our vision is to foster an inclusive, ethical, high performing, & accountable public sector