Thursday, November 25

Technical Education

I’m at TAFE this week amongst the apprentices. The student car park contains an assortment of rotaries, loud four cylinders and clapped out falcons. Anything not bolted down has been long ago stolen and spending in general appears to have stopped somewhere in the mid eighties.

The canteen is geared for males with teenage metabolisms. Large foil containers of chips and gravy washed down with coke or an iced coffe are definitely the staple food in these parts.

Its d-day tomorrow; the big test! (Open book of course). <>Anyway, I’ve typed up some notes on Auto LPG installations (in SA) and may as well post them. I found it interesting anyway.


  • A mixture of propane and butane
  • 1 litre LPG produces 273 litres of gas
  • Ignites between 2 & 10% concentration in air
  • Up to 40% butane blended in
  • Butane tends to burn into carbon monoxide (not suitable for other purposes)
  • BBQ gas does not contain butane


  • Operation pressure ~ 750 kPa (kilopascals)
  • 100% Propane has 1000 kPa vapour pressure at 25 degrees
  • 50:50 blend has 600 kPa vapour pressure at 25 degrees
  • Typical LPG
    • 1190 kPa (172 PSI) at 38 degrees
    • 4340 kPa (631 PSI) at 96 degrees (4.3MPa)


  • As a liquid, expands 6% with every 20 degrees Celsius increase
  • Propane boils at -42 degrees Celsius at normal pressure
  • Butane boils at 0.5 degrees Celsius at normal pressure
  • Butane has higher BTU rating
  • LPG (liquid) has a specific gravity of ~0.5 (1/2 density of water)
  • LPG (gas) has specific gravity of ~1.5 (50% heavier than air)

Containers (cylinders)

  • Orientation critical, refer 3.18.1 of AS1425:2003
  • WC – water capacity in litres when 100% full
  • Refer 3.18 AS/NZS for mounting specs
  • Keep out of crash zones (Section 3.3, 3.4)
  • Protection (Section 3.20)
  • Don’t use galv straps


  • Enclosure mounted to container
  • Contains set of valves, gauge etc
  • Must be sealed, lid must be captive with warning a label
  • Primarily discharges any collected leakages

Safety Valve

  • Located in the sub-compartment of container
  • Discharges at 2.55 MPa (megapascals)
  • Replaced each 10 year container test
  • Must be contained within vessel
  • Must be in contact with vapour space (not liquid)
  • Must have plastic cap inserted
  • Old installations used to have a discharge line running from SV
  • Sometimes confused with hydrostatic valve (fluid pressure relief at 3.1 MPa)
  • Section 3.15 AS/NZS 1425

Service Valve

  • Located in the sub-compartment of container
  • Main method of isolating container
  • Controls supply of liquid to fuel line
  • Best if fully open (some valves have a back seat)
  • Often incorporates excess flow valve & automatic fuel shut-off

Excess Flow Valve

  • Prevents sudden large flow of LPG
  • Has a small bleed so it can reset
  • Located within container (in sub-compartment)
  • Refer Section 3.11, 6.9.1, 6.10 of AS1425
  • Test by closing service valve and running fuel line dry, then open listening for ‘click’
  • Double check by running supply line dry with service valve closed and disconnect at the filter fuel lock. Open service valve:- flow should start and quickly stop. Sometimes ¼ inch tube is too restrictive to trigger.

Automatic Fill Limiter Valve (AFL)

  • Designed to stop filling of tank at 80% WC
  • Some are orientation critical (rotation) check for permanent marking
  • Refer to AS1425 for testing procedure (empty tank, flat surface, check tyres, metered fill etc)

Remote Fill Valves

  • Must be located externally
  • Usually have 2 non-return valves
  • If only 1 non-return, 2 req’d at container end

Fuel Service Line

  • 5/16” or 1/4" copper line
  • Can get pre-lined with tubing (vinyl)
  • Refer 4.1 AS/NZS
  • Copper tube must meet AS 1432
  • Minimum joins/connections allowed
  • Copper join require single flare
  • Don’t use ‘olive’ style connectors
  • Steel pipe (check AS/NZS) should be double flared
  • Mounts maximum 600mm apart
  • Shield against heat & tailshaft (refer Section 4.4)

Filter Fuel Lock

  • Located at end of fuel service line.
  • Electronic or vacuum operated
  • Electronic requires controller/relay
  • Vacuum uses electric vacuum relay


  • Vaporises the LPG
  • Regulates pressure
  • Responds to vacuum/demand
  • Usually 2-stage
  • Mount below top of radiator
  • If freeze up, tend to deliver too much fuel
  • Some euro are damaged after 3 freezes.
  • Don’t keep trying to start if iced up – explosive quantities of LPG!
  • No gas should flow unless vacuum

Pumping out container

  • Manual pump
  • Compression (complicated, expensive)
  • Applied pressure using ullage tube
  • Dumping (risk)
  • Burning (time)
  • Decanting to reserve cylinder & burn rest off (recommended)


  • An ‘air sack’ in tank will cause a higher vapour pressure (purge with Nitrogen to fix)
  • Required before disposing/hot working

Multiple Container Installations

  • Common connection to fuel service line (bypasses overfill protection)
  • Needs check valves (one way) to prevent overfilling of 2ndry containers
  • 3.1 MPa hydrostatic valve needed because of expansion in line.
  • Refer section 4.8 AS/NZS


  • Class II licence permits 3 installations which are then assessed to obtain full Class I fitters licence.
  • Class IV permits allow service and maintenance of Auto LPG
  • 3 inspections done by TransportSA (Regency Park)
  • Workplace Services administer licences and regulations
  • Approval plates purchased through Workplace Services (DAIS - SA Govt)


  • Close sparkplug gaps
  • Timing up to 30 degrees BTDC
  • Better if reduced for higher speeds
  • Power valve better lean than rich (runs too hot if rich)
  • Very lean running can reduce CO to 1%
  • Want a % O2 remaining in exhaust
  • Converter should be warm after 2-3 minutes cold start
  • Euro converters settle in after 3-4 months, then retune

Monday, November 22


I finally bought some blank DVDs to make some ... ahem.. personal backup copies using the new work laptop. The standard software kindly informed me that it does not work on copyright protected material. I packed it away for the night, a little peeved. How come everyone else can do it?

Again, great uncle Google provided the answer. Within 20 minutes I was downloading (via my fabulous 28.8 KB/S connection) the required decryption and compiling software. I gave it a go tonight before tea time.

A quick backup of Finding Nemo with all the options and highest resolution configuration. Wit Weel! (Sound effect that author realises looks crap in words no matter how its typed)

It only takes err …5 hours to replicate one DVD.

Da Dadada da

(sing along you know the tune)

The legend of the Victoria Bitter commercial continues. I just caught the tail end of the latest tv ad. Go the late night lamb sandwich!

Saturday, November 20

Woman enjoys being a bitch

Her kid's called Honey Pauline Philomina Flo, shes got another on the way, and the dog is called Honey Boy......

Now read this! (From SlattsNews)

Stand aside Deliverance, I think we have a sequel

What motivates me

I spent this afternoon in the kitchen trying out a couple of recipes. Generally I don’t make sweets; too much measuring and too much time.
About this time each year I’m driven to find a use for an abundance of fresh apricots from a tree out the back. So last night I stewed them up and set the orange slurry aside with the intention to put it to good use.
Tonight there’s a very sloppy but tasty apricot slice cooling on the kitchen bench. Again I question why I even bother.
2 kg apricots from tree, $0
Cutting and stewing fruit, 1 hour
Cleaning burnt syrup that overflowed onto stove, 20 minutes
Butter and pectin, $3
Trip to shop for sundries, 20 minutes
Mixing, baking, cleaning, 2 hours


Sara Lee apricot slice ~ $2.85

Sunday, November 14

Break up

A Marine stationed in Afghanistan recently received a "Dear John"
Letter from his girlfriend back home. It read as follows:

Dear Ricky,
I can no longer continue our relationship. The distance between us
is just too great. I must admit that I have cheated on you twice,
since you've been gone, and it's not fair to either of us. I'm
sorry. Please return the picture of me that I sent to you. Love,

The Marine, with hurt feelings, asked his fellow Marines for any
ex-girlfriends, aunts, cousins etc. In addition to the picture of
Becky, Ricky included all the other pictures of the pretty gals he
had collected from his buddies. There were 57 photos in that
envelope.... along with this note:

Dear Becky,
I'm so sorry, but I can't quite remember who the f*** you are.
Please take your picture from the pile, and send the rest back to
me. Take Care, Ricky

Woman escapes gaol sentance

A man took his wife to the Rodeo and one of the exhibits was that of breeding bulls. They went up to the first pen and there was a sign that said, "This bull mated 50 times last year."

The wife poked her husband in the ribs and said,
"He mated 50 times last year."
They walked a little further and saw another pen with a sign that said,
"This bull mated 120 times last year."
The wife hit her husband and said, "That's more than twice a week! You could learn a lot from him."

They walked further and a third pen had a bull with a sign saying, "This bull mated 365 times last year. "
The wife got really excited and said, "That's once a day. You could REALLY learn something from this one."
The husband looked at her and said, "Go up and ask him if it was with the same cow."

The husband's condition has been reduced from critical to stable and he should make a full recovery

Oh Please,,,

Mrs G has an invitation from a friend hosting a mysterious 'Nanotechnology party'. Google provides the answers....

Welcome to Transformation 2012- Evolutionary Changes & Higher Awareness Research

Specialising in; Natural & Electro Medicine, Free Energy Technology,

Suppressed Information, Earth & DNA Changes & more...

Transformation 2012 is dedicated in helping humanity with getting back in touch with nature and not going against it, as God intended us to do! Understanding that nature has POWERFUL natural laws and unlimited energy sources, that our ancestors utilised in so many wonderful ways. Nature provides us with the abundance of food, survival, and the very sacred free energy technology, which has and can be accessed through the use of Sacred Geometry. Our ancestors were indeed never "primitive", as we have been led to believe. We supply hard to get, suppressed, or simply ignored products and information. We realise that we do not receive the REAL news and TRUTHS through the controlled puppet electronic media/journalism, so we SEEK to bring YOU what has been denied of ALL of US!

Hmm Electro Medicine hey?

Global Qi Alliance is developing a new line of passive, personal health products based on the latest NanoScience innovations to help conserve vital energy.

Placing the special materials utilised in these products next to a person’s body, helps provide Reflective Resonant Energy (RRE) back to the individual, which stimulates and excites the molecular cells. This causes a subtle thermal effect to speed blood flow and improve nutritional supply to critical organs, by improving microcirculation, enhancing cellular metabolic functions, and helping to discharge accumulated wastes and toxic elements.

Or how about free lecttricuty?

Learn how you can receive 26,000 kWh of electricity, free, every year with a one time purchase cost.

Discover the truth that big business has kept many life improving and cost saving products from being available to you.

End Power Bills & Power Outages
We're developing a quiet, non-polluting, permanent magnet power system we expect will free you from your electric bills, eliminate pollution, and nearly eliminate power outages.
Sign up now and join us in this incredible opportunity of "Making Repressed Technologies Available". Do you believe Free Electricity is too good to be true? So was the electric light and heavier than air flight...

Would an engine that harnesses the power of a tornado, and uses water for fuel interest you?

Would you like to see a car engine running on birdseed, or any other biomass?
The inventor traveled 25,000 miles in his postal truck powered by a 60 lb. bag of corn.

Discover environmentally supportive technologies that can be used to grow food in abundance, restoring life and high nutritional value back into the food you eat.

Get your car modified to run double or triple your current mileage on every gallon of gas you buy.

Discover Incredible Technologies that Big Business has Kept From You.
Help end pollution worldwide!

But wait there's more (from the ACCC)

The ACCC has accepted court-enforceable undertakings by Mr Desveaux to provide the refunds, and the Federal Court, Canberra, has made orders against Mr Desveaux for making false or misleading representations regarding health products on his website. The court orders include permanent injunctions restraining Mr Desveaux from engaging in similar conduct in the future, requiring him to undertake a trade practices compliance program, an order that Mr Desveaux provide a corrective notice on his website and declarations that the conduct of Mr Desveaux had breached certain provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974. Mr Desveaux is required to incorporate a corrective statement on the offending section of his website.

I'm not sure where the corrective statement is supposed to be, but there is this at the foot of the home page:

DISCLAIMER; Transformation 2012 makes NO claims in the area of health for a variety of reasons, on any of our advertised products. The Natural Health products here, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are for educational and research purposes only. Please seek the advice of a Health Care Professional. We reserve the right to change prices/products without notice.

Indy pictures

Uninterrupted inebriation was the reason for not having any photographic memories of the exploits at this year's Indy. Nor many memories at all, come to think of it.

As risky as it was to have someone sober around, especially the father-in-law, there was an advantage; someone with the forethought to take photos!



Talent .

More Talent.

And more talent.



On-track catering?.

Off-track entertainment.

Beautiful beach views.

and Controversy.

Thanks John.

Sunday, November 7

Got a couple of minutes?

Five 30-second movies...

The Exorcist


The Shining



Bumper sticker suggestions

"My politics. My business."

"Yes to Political bumperstickers"
Panel Beaters Association.

Generic sticker
(Use felt tip pen to tick the applicable categories)

"I love:
Illegal immigrants,
RWDBs (how'd that get in there?),
High taxes."

"If you want my opinion, visit my blog "

Thursday, November 4

More from the rotorheads at Indy

SYDNEY: A Sydney woman says an Army helicopter left her on crutches after it
threw up debris when it flew too close to crowds at the Indy Grand Prix on the Gold

The incident is the second involving an Army Iroquois at the race.
Yesterday, the Australian Defence Force said a four-man crew was stood down for flashing a
sign at race spectators saying "show us your tits".

Sue Ferguson, 38, said she had been on the track for 30 minutes when two military helicopters flew between two high-rise buildings.

Bye bye tin can

The 200 year-old process of preserving in cans is likely to be phased out as manufacturers switch to cardboard packaging. The nuisance of sharp edges and short refrigeration times are to be replaced by non-recyclable cartons that almost always manage to leak the contents on to whoever is opening them.

But have no fear according to a recent article in The Advertiser. The can-opener was invented in 1858 - twelve years after Australia opened its first cannery!

So as long as the use-by dates are good, there should be packaged carrots and peas for everyone to enjoy come 2016!

Wednesday, November 3

Want to work in the Guv'ment?

You'll have to tolerate emails like this. (And I sooo much wish I had an oversized Adidas top, an Eminem t-shirt and some baggy trackpants.)

Reconciliation Casual Day

The Reconciliation Committee is having a casual day on Friday xx November 2004 to raise funds for Aboriginal Community initiatives. This casual day has been supported by all Executive Directors within Xxxxxx.

Those who wish to participate can wear Aboriginal colours, Aboriginal designed clothing or purchase charity ribbons which are red, black and yellow representing the Aboriginal flag for a gold coin donation.

Check with your Business Unit Reconciliation Representatives for further information or please contact Xxxxx Xxxx from Policy Planning, and Community Services on xxxxxxx.


Xxxx Xxxxxx

Ahh Indy

I'm still getting delayed recall on some of the things I did at Surfers. No such trouble for the army rotorheads who made the news recently.

Army chopper crew stood down over Indy lark

SURFERS PARADISE: An Army helicopter crew has been stood down after displaying an inappropriate sign at the recent Indy car race on Queensland's Gold Coast.
A crewman held up a sign saying "show us your tits" while the helicopter flew along the beachfront. An onlooker apparently took a photo from a high-rise apartment building and it was published on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network website.